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Simply put, Ross Gibson is gifted architectural design/ builder, that exceeds all expectation. His architectural drawings and digital presentations are stunning. He is passionate about his work and executes it, like he is creating art. His attention to detail , is both astounding and comforting. It has been pleasure, partnering with him, and watching the vision , come magically to  life.  


-Michele Proffett

Dear Mr. Ross Gibson, 


First, I would like to say without a doubt you are the most talented architect I have meet in the house building world.  Not only do you do amazing drawings, you can also build it to the spec drawn.  When we first met, we were in the market for a large custom home builder to build our dream home. We met with several builders before meeting you.


I have to say WOW!, I was really impressed with your ability on our first meeting, to sit down and instantly translate our style and vision and yet at the same time, embellish upon it.  I’ll never forget you taking out a pen, and while we were discussing it, you proceeded to draw.  It seemed to just flow through you as if you could read our minds right there in front of us.


While it was only a quick sketch, you went back to your office and formally drew up our preliminary drawings, within a very short time.  When we did sat back down, and went over the drawings, “you blew us away”.  You had  listened to us (“got us”).  Not only that, but you managed to build upon and magnify every concept that excited us in your first freehand  sketch and floor plan. Well as you know, that sealed the deal.  We proceeded with every

confidence, and never looked back.  As you know the rest became the creation of masterpiece.


We were so pleased with our custom home you designed and built, we decided to jointly collaborate on how the next part of our landscape,  guest house, and pool/spa would  designed and look like.  As you know we also went out again to several companies in that industry to see what they could offer, but after the comparisons, it was a “hands down” decision to go with you and again move forward with that  project.  I guess it was hard to imagine you weren’t just a house architect, you were a landscape architect, you were an everything architect.  


I have to say we were overwhelmed with your attention to detail, and the fact that you would not let anything or anyone compromise your work or your the original design.  Once again, you had complimented a masterpiece home with a masterpiece “jaw dropping” seamless  exterior environment:  Every element perfectly integrated together.  This project stands as a testament to your core genius, unyielding determination, and commitment. 

 Again, at the risk of overstating, it was your attention to detail that was the most impressive part of the entire process, even if the cost came out of your pocket, you took care of it and for that I thank you. With that, it makes it easy for me to recommend you as a builder to all my friends without any hesitation. 



Because of our past dealings with Ross over 15 years, our home experience, and over 3 major projects on other homes, we are again engaging with him to do another project at our home and we are excited to see how that turns out in 2019.  On another note, I not only have retained Ross to do several projects for me personally, but I have now asked him to be involved with construction work, needed to upgrade and expand our business buildings as our company grows . 


The good thing about Ross, he is versatile and can-do all aspects of construction.  Whether it’s commercial or residential, he is the obvious choice.  He is the guy I go to for everything.  If you would like to talk to my wife or myself about our dealings with Ross Gibson construction, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ross you’re the best!


-Anthony Miles

I have done 3 major remodels with Ross in two different homes. He has always taken his work very personally. I don't think any contractor could care more about his creation more than Ross always has. Our outcomes were always beyond expectations.


- Sue Meisinger

Ross Gibson is a fantastic designer and contractor. The design was extremely creative and functional and the workmanship was impeccable. In addition, when we have smaller problems with such things as plumbing or roofing we can always depend on Ross .He has been a big help to us for several years and I can't speak more highly about him.  Well, I could if he paid me, but since he hasn't this will have to do.


-Sy Rosen

I’ve engaged Gibson Construction for two major home renovations. I found Ross to be innovative, timely and driven by perfectionism. We cooperated beautifully on designs, materials and accessories. I would not hesitate to call him for any future projects. 


-Judith M Watson

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